Dr. Simoncini cancer therapy - treat cancer with Sodium Bicarbonate

Cancer is fungus | prologue - part 2

However, there are several other possibilities: drop infusions, clysters, irrigations and infiltrations where neoplasia may be found.
When sodium bicarbonate is administered in the right way to non-terminal patients, this can make many kinds of tumours disappear within a short time and will often lead to a complete recovery within two months.

Furthermore, it must be emphasised that this substance is harmless and easy to apply. There are some light side effects in only a few cases.
Many patients derive benefit from Dr Simoncini’s method and were cured in spite of that mainstream oncology had declared them incurable.

Concluding, we may say that Dr Simoncini’s book signifies a real break with the received oncological tradition, because of its innovation, with which an exact cause of cancer can be indicated. In this way, it is a simple alternative for the excessive studies and experiments, which have not lead to any definitive results.




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